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frequently asked questions

Last Updated on February 02, 2015

Do you offer any kind of warranty on your CNC spindles?
We offer the same warranty as the spindle factory offers to us - one year limited warranty for parts and labor.
The only thing not covered by this warranty is spindle coils as they are easy to destroy by wrong VFD settings.
When our customers buy both a spindle and a VFD I program the VFD to perfectly work with the spindle and offer one year warranty for the whole set.
What should I do before running a new spindle?

Make sure you do a break - in procedure before you run the spindle at full speed.
To do that start the spindle at 20% of its max speed and run for 30-60 minutes.
Then increase speed by 10% and run for 30-60 minutes at a time until you reach the max speed.
This procedure will properly spread the grease inside the bearings.


Also warm up the CNC spindle at 1/3 of the max speed for a few minutes every morning before doing the job.

Who should I contact if I have any question?
Feel free to contact us:

Email us at any time.

Call Andy at business hours (EST) at (352)339 6601
Do you ship to Mexico (Russia, Germany e.t.c) and how much does it cost?
We ship worldwide. To find out the shipping costs just add whatever you need to cart, proceed to checkout and choose the shipping method.
Can I run a 5.5kW spindle on single phase 220V?

A 0.75kW/1Hp spindle is the largest one you can run on single phase 110V.

With most drives 2.2kW/3Hp spindle is the largest one you can run on single phase 220V.

Some drives allow to run a 3.7kW/3Hp spindle on single phase 220V.

More powerful spindles require three phase input.

There are other similar products, i.e. spindles on eBay that sell for half of yours.

There are a few reasons why our price is higher.

  • The spindles we sell made on a big factory with proper quality control.
  • We test every single spindle before shipping it out.
  • We are in US. You may try to play a lottery and buy something from a Chinese seller. Many buyers win this lottery.
  • Chinese warranty? Hahaha...
What payments do you accept?
We securely accept PayPal payments, major credit cards, bank transfers, personal and business checks.